Legal bill auditing is typically the analysis of the accuracy and reasonability of time and expenses contained in legal bills. Legal audits provide substantial reductions in legal costs and is essential to due diligence and in preventing overbilling. Legal bill auditing differs from strictly financial accounting in that there is no “generally accepted” principles tied to the practice. Experience, methods and approaches vary from service to service, and it is important for your organization’s spend management to choose your legal bill auditing service carefully.

Why should I choose Lether Consulting?

We are uniquely qualified because we have been in the legal business for over 32 years. Our services include an exhaustive legal audit with a line-by-line review of every entry on the bills with great attention to details that often are overlooked by a one size fits all approach. We provide levels specific to your needs, and start with a basic assessment of your legal billing system and overview of the bills. From there we work with you to develop “your needs based strategy” thereby increasing vendor accountability and your revenues. We hold your vendors accountable to your billing guidelines, which results in substantial savings. We want to transform the audit service into an opportunity for insight, understanding and improving your profitability. We assist our clients in reducing overbilling by law firms with a manual approach to our review process. This gives us an advantage to identify charges that an ebilling system often misses.