Lether Consulting offers independent, objective legal consulting and legal bill auditing services for managing legal spending.

What we do

Through our consulting and auditing services, we help companies manage legal cost, transform their billing processes and identify improper billing practices. By working closely with each client, we are able to offer a wide variety of services customized to the needs of your company. Our highly trained and experienced staff is working hard to make sure clients only pay fair fees.

Legal Bill Auditing

Lether Consulting’s hands-on, custom tailored legal bill auditing methods mitigate companies’ risk of overpaying for legal services.


With over three decades of experience in the legal field, we offer a variety of legal spend management services for your company.

Efficiently Managing

your legal spending

Our thoroughly vetted numbers are CPA audited


Net Deductions

Average Net Deduction per invoice


Our hands-on, thorough and comprehensive approach is designed to add value to your bottom line and improve performance within your business operations. With over three decades of experience in the legal industry, we understand the complexity of legal billing. At Lether Consulting we customize our services to our client’s individual needs rather than rely on generic computer programs. We also help organizations identify ways to reduce expenses and therefore improve their profitability.

Contact us to receive a free consultation and see how you can achieve 7-9% in savings with our legal fee auditing service.