With over three decades of experience in the legal industry, we are equipped to offer our clients a wide array of legal billing services to improve practices, transparency and efficiency across the board.


It is a common concert amongst organizations that hiring a legal bill auditor will sour their relationship with their vendors. At Lether Consulting we take pride in striving to maintain a cordial and professional relationship between your business and your attorneys. Efficiency and cost containment benefits everyone. An efficient law firm is a reliable and desirable law firm, and we work with both the business and the law firm to ensure that this is the mutual undertanding.



With multiple vendors and multiple adjusters handling claims, it can be difficult for an organization to collect reliable data of their vendor’s performance. While handling the legal bill auditing of your vendors legal bills, we are in a unique position to analyze and benchmark each firms trends and performance. By analyzing average billed amount, time spent and budget and billing compliance, we are able to inform you on the efficiency of your law firms and cost management for future projects.



We provide legal bill review training for insurance companies and corporate in-house bill reviewers. We know how legal bills are reviewed and what is acceptable. More importantly we know what is not acceptable and how to identify those entries. By complying with billing guidelines, law firms can better foster trust and credibility with clients. It will also save your firm time by being able to glide through an audit process without any stalls on their payments.


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